Throughout the course, you have maintained an ongoing collection of exemplary work that demonstrates your Information Technology skills, competencies and growth.  You will now prepare an e-portfolio of your work.  The purpose of this portfolio is to highlight your strengths and showcase the work you have accomplished in Information Technology this semester.  It will provide a record of your progress in terms of information technology skills development and the actual production of work.  Your E-Portfolio is worth 10% of your final grade.  Here's the Portfolio Rubric

  1. Set up a Googlesites website.  Pick a theme, change the title on your header, etc. to make it look good. Refer to these instructions on designing a Website Using GoogeSites.

  2. Create these E-Portfolio Pages on your Navbar.

  3. Home Page (wordle)


  4. Title Pages


  5. Insert jpg files from M: drive into website

    1. This includes your home page wordle, title page jpg files, graphic design assignment jpg files. 

    2. To do this, go to your Googlesite > Open the page > Edit tool > Insert menu > Image > Go to your M: drive to find them.

  6. Upload WordProcessing files to Googledocs

  7. In Googledocs fix/polish any formatting as required.

  8. Insert WordProcessing files into your website from Googledocs.

  9. Complete Benefits of BTT  page. 

  10. Complete Employability Skills section on your site.

  11. Copy this text for Competencies Checklist onto your site.  Complete as instructed.

  12. Here's a Checklist for your Portfolio Website.

  13. Submit link to your site.

  14. Here is the Portfolio Rubric